Freelance web full stack front-end developer.

Professionally based in internet.
Physically based in Altea (Spain) Madrid (Spain) Lanzarote (Spain) Lausanne (Switzerland).



Formed as architect in the ETSAM, I apply to all my projects the glue between technics and design. For 5 years I dedicate all of my time to web development, learning day after day. First concerned about full-stack web development, last years focused on front-end development.
I’m 100% flexible, it doesn’t matter the way of working and timings: I develop projects by myself, in collaboration with other freelances or with already formed teams. Delivery in 48 hours, a week or two months.
Technical piece of Solublestudio, brand and web development agency formed by freelances.



> Front-end
HTML5, LESS, CSS3, Bootstrap.
Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS 1.x, ReactJS, D3js.
(testing) Protractor, Jasmine, Karma.
(dev) SublimeText, Git, Grunt, Yeoman.

> Back-end
NodeJS, MongoDB.
PHP, Mysql. Symfony2, WordPress.

> Sys
LAMP/LEMP, AWS (ec2, s3, CloudFront).

> Misc


Keep in touch

[email protected]
[+34] 637 001 222
[+41] 076 298 94 95